How does your Gift Card work?

Choose the amount you want applied to the Gift Card(s) from the Amount pull-down menu. Specify how many Gift Card(s) you want Place the order in your Shopping Cart and complete the Checkout. Be sure to enter a valid and working email address where you want the Gift Card to...

Will my rose be red with a green stem?

The default color of the rose is red with a green stem. However, the Rice Lady personalizes every grain of rice, so you are able to special request colors and designs.

I was wondering if you still carry the 14K Gold Pendant.

Yes, I still have a few available in both the Rose and Bell shapes. PS. I am looking for a jeweler that can die and cast these special 14K Gold caps I designed especially for Rice Creation's jewelry. If you know of anyone, please contact me with their information.

Is it possible to draw a yin yang?

Yes! Be sure to check out the design chart for options for the Rice Lady to draw on the grain along with the name on the opposite side of the grain.

Our Response to COVID-19
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