For hundreds of years, rice has played a significant part of many cultures. I have been told that in Japan, to own a grain of rice with art work on it is a sign of prosperity!

In our own culture, an old tradition was to toss rice at a wedding couple to bless them with good fortune and fertility. But alas, the tradition has faded since the discovery of birds being unable to digest the rice. Thus the throwing of birdseed was started.

To bring back this time-honored tradition without harming birds; the Rice Lady will write the wedding couple’s names and wedding date on a grain of rice and hand draw a red heart between the names. The rice will then be set in a lovely 
Solid Sterling Silver Curved Bar  Necklace with Stone BeadsSolid Sterling Silver Lariat Necklace with Stone Beads, and/or Solid Sterling Silver Hook Earrings with Stone Beads. This symbol of good fortune and fertility is sure to be cherished for years to come.

As the wedding couple plans their special day, it is also a time to be thoughtful of the special people who will share the day with them. Rice Creations can also create a memory for attendants, mothers and fathers of the bride and groom, flower girls and ring bearers.  
A Solid Sterling Silver Nugget Chain Necklace with the maid of honor’s name and a hand drawn rose is an example; another example would be a Key Chain with the best man’s name and a basketball; or perhaps a Leather Necklace (pink) with the flower girl’s name and a ladybug. 

Each Rice Creation is completely personalized to match the person who will receive it. These treasured keepsakes will remind the recipient of the special place they held in the memories of the wedding couple on the most important day of their lives.

The lovely settings chosen to complete your beautiful bridal ensemble have a variety of beads to choose from that will further personalize them. When you are ready to have your wedding Rice Creation created, expect the Rice Lady to contact you to personalize every aspect of the necklace, earrings or bracelet.

The jewelry listed on this page are not the only styles available. Your wedding may be a bit more casual, so be sure to Shop the entire store for a style that is sure to fit your needs.

This unique jewelry is also a nice gift for any occasion, such as birthdays, graduations, proms, or any gift giving occasion, or even just as a special way to be nice to yourself!

Be sure to add Rice Creations to your list of things to do for your wedding!