When a loved one has passed on, mourning becomes an especially personal journey. All too often, the loss is that of a beloved child. Rice Creations can bring comfort to bereaved parents with a special necklace to help hold memories of their child. Rice Creations now carries the choice of five different pastel colors for the Cotton Cord Necklace that can be personalized with the child’s name, a red heart and if desired, the birth date. These necklaces keep the name and the memories of the child close to the heart.

The loss does not need to be that of a child. The Rice Lady can create Rice Creations to serve as memorials for any passing you have experienced such as a spouse, sibling, or even a beloved pet. The pastel colored Cotton Cord Necklace is a wonderful choice for a memorial or grief necklace for the loss of a child, but there are many other wonderful styles to choose from. A Curb Chain Necklace or a Solid Sterling Silver Twist Chain Necklace are both good examples.

The Rice Lady personally experienced the loss of her teenage son and wears a lovely Solid 14K Gold Double Rope Chain Necklace with her son’s name on one side and the kanji symbol for “son” on the other side.