Will my rose be red with a green stem?

The default color of the rose is red with a green stem. However, the Rice Lady personalizes every grain of rice, so you are able to special request colors and designs.

Is it possible to draw a yin yang?

Yes! Be sure to check out the design chart for options for the Rice Lady to draw on the grain along with the name on the opposite side of the grain.

Can you write i love you on the grain of rice?

Yes! That phase in itself can have many variations, so the Rice Lady may contact you to request specifics such as: You do want it as written "i love you" or would you like: I love you, I luv you, I love u, I luv u, I ❤ you, I❤U,...

Can I have more than two names put on a single grain of rice?

It depends on the length of the names. The base price for each item includes up to 15 characters on the grain. However, the Rice Lady will work with you on special requests. In most cases, if there is more than one name on the grain, there will not be room for a design....

Our Response to COVID-19
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