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Solid Sterling Silver Hook Earrings with Stones Beads


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These lovely Solid Sterling Silver Hook Earrings with Stone Beads start with a personalized grain of rice which is placed in an oil-filled vial to magnify and preserve it.

These beautiful earrings are perfect for special occasions such as weddings, graduations, anniversaries, and more.

The Rice Lady will write a name or a short message such as “I love you” on one side of the grain. Then, for the other side, choose from dozens of designs, or suggest one of your own.

Even though a simple name and design is the most popular choice, there are many other ways to personalize your grain. Examples might be birthday greetings, wedding proposals, baby announcements or graduate congratulations. The combinations of names and designs are limitless. Please keep in mind that names and/or messages will be limited to a total of 15 characters.

Along with the beautiful bride wearing these lovely earrings, they can also be worn by members of the wedding party. Or they can be gifts for the mother-of-the-bride or groom or the flower girl.

The Solid Sterling Silver Earrings have an extra touch of class with the added stone beads. Perfect for matching wedding colors, birthstones or just your favorite stones. You will be able to choose up to 2 different stones to be placed on your earrings. There is also the option of either a Bell Cap or Rose Cap which the Rice Lady personally designed for the simple elegance. The Rose Cap resembles a rose bud with three petals. The Bell Cap has a classic sleek look.

Please contact the Rice Lady to discuss the details of the personalization of this Rice Creation.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3 × 5 × .20 in
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Yes. The Rice Lady can create your personalized grain of rice and place it a small baggie which will have oil in it to preserve the grain. It recommended that whatever you plan to do with your rice, you keep it in oil so that it will not dry and crack.

Yes, I generally put a name on one side, and a design on the other side. However, you may choose eliminate the design and request a second name instead.

Of course! Rice Creations is very sensitive to the delicate feelings one has when he/she loses a beloved pet. Along with the name on one side, the Rice Lady will draw a design on the other side.

I prefer not to because when more than one grain is put in the vial, they can get caught up with each other and both sides of the grain are no longer visible.

Yes, Rice Creations does offer discounts on bulk orders depending on the number of items you need. Please contact the Rice Lady to discuss the details of your order.

No, I do not add color to the oil for two reasons. 1) the color obscures the grain. I use the clear oil to give the best clarity for viewing the writing and artwork on the grain. 2) the colored oil affects the rice and eventually fades the ink and dyes the rice.

The default color of the rose is red with a green stem. However, the Rice Lady personalizes every grain of rice, so you are able to special request colors and designs.

The vial has an outside diameter of about 7 mm. Length is approximately 1".

Would you be able to provide a picture of the writing you want? The Rice Lady is good at copying foreign languages. However, these would be considered designs and there would be a limit as to how much could fit on one side of the grain. An extra charge would apply for more than one design on a single side of the grain.

Yes, since the rice is personalized, I am able to write on both sides in lieu of a design on one side.

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